We know our way around institutions of learning.

Market your capabilities in a compelling, professional manner.  Institute a facility wayfinding system to calm and serve prospective student families, staff and visitors to campus.. 

Reduce Anxiety. HandyGuide products designed for college campuses are a great tools to provide for orienting new students and faculty members.

We create one-of-a-kind tools just for you.

  • Geographic Area Guides  – show important roads, stores, restaurants, and points of interest in your area.
  • Campus and Building Layout Guides – allow students to locate and navigate academic and housing buildings with ease.
  • Entertainment Guides – encourage students to explore off campus and enjoy local events. 

Campus Overview HandyGuides 

Showcase classrooms, main walkways, driveways, parking lots, and the orientation of main buildings.

HG Ramapo Academic Front 1200

We offer pocket-size information products tailored to your location, offerings and collegiate image.

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