We know our way around the hospitality industry.

Market your capabilities in a compelling, professional manner.  Provide a promotional rack card of your property to corporations in your area. Then strengthen sales presentations to corporate and event planners with stunning custom collateral. With customized hospitality brochures to showcase your facilities, special amenities and support staff, you’ll have the tools to successfully market your hotel or resort:

• Conference Charts and Banquet Visuals

• Resort Layout and Recreation Guides

• In-room Guides: Amenities, Beds, TV Remote

• Keycard Holders, Vouchers, Catering Menus

• Geographic Area and Facility Guides

We create one-of-a-kind tools just for you.

HG HGI AccomodationCard

Whether you are marketing your facilities and rooms to corporate conference planners and attendees, or to event planners and their guests, we help you present your property as the best choice:

• Accommodation Cards

• Breakfast Vouchers

• Rack Cards

• Hotel Fact Sheets

• Facility Diagrams

• TV Program Guides

• Check-in Guides

• Entertainment Guides

• Area Guest Guides

Let us help you exceed your guest’s expectations.

To obtain the best guest reviews, ensure your guests feel comfortable.  Give guests comfort and confidence. Chances are, your guests are unfamiliar with your area. Anticipate their needs with customized, pocket-size destination and facility guides. HandyGuide products are designed to help you give guests a better hotel experience. Whether it’s quickly finding restaurants, stores or points of interest; getting a fast overview of your facilities; or easily learning how to navigate the in-room TV remote control.

Hand your guests a guided tour. Supply your front desk with comprehensive guides that make it easy to expertly answer requests for recommendations. We help you introduce and direct guests to local attractions, allowing them to explore confidently. Make stays more enjoyable and worry-free by providing a Handy Guide to your area.

Geographic Area Guides – Show important roads, stores, parks and points of interest in your area.

Entertainment Guides – Encourage guests to get out and enjoy sports, movies, plays and events. List malls, stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, banks, gas stations, parks, urgent care centers, houses of worship and more. 

HG UpperRoute17


In-Room Guides – Let guests quickly find favorite TV shows, connect to the internet, adjust the bed, and consider your other amenities.

TV Channels Marriott

Resort Layout and Recreation Guides – Locate and highlight spas, exercise rooms, restaurants, pools, shops and meeting rooms.

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We offer multi-use, high quality, print collateral custom tailored to your location, offerings and corporate brand image.

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