We know our way around the medical industry.

Market your capabilities in a compelling, professional manner.  Institute a facility wayfinding system to calm and serve ER patients, out-patients and visitors to in-patients.

With customized brochures to showcase your facilities, special amenities and physician staff, you’ll have another tool to successfully endear your medical center:


Put the power of Handyguide behind at the reception desk to provide the necessary information your patients and visitors need.

It's possible that your visitors are unfamiliar with the area. Anticipate their needs with customized, pocketsized neighborhood guide.

We create one-of-a-kind tools just for you.

Whether you are marketing your facilities and rooms to area residents, or to recruit top talent, we help you present your property as the best choice:

  • Emergency Room Way Finding Posters
  • Geographic Area Overview Multi Facility Guides
  • Customized Inter-Facility Directions
  • Physician Profile and Departmental Information Guides
  • Facility Guides: Employee Inservice Guides, Patient Appointments
  • Visitor Passes and Infection Control Cards

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