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Relocation Announcements Are A Good Idea

Did you know, it takes up to three years for us to stop referring to a location as "that new place"?

Sounds crazy... but stay with me here…

It's because we are creatures of habit and we get stressed out when we have to change our usual patterns. Our time is precious and we guard it by sticking with the familiar, unless of course, the 'new' is made very easy and inviting.

These past decades, interviewing hundreds of merchants and customers, has shown me this quirk of our minds. And you know what I found out...

We also remember places by the OTHER places that are next to them, the ones we already have familiar in our brains; it's a trusted mental reference framework if you will.

Certainly, if you know where you want to go; and can remember the name; then your phone is a great navigator. However, if you are relocating, and want to be quickly and easily discovered, then solving the location awareness challenge is a real pain point.

Low foot traffic within the first year is the primary cause of retail closures.

So if you are moving your business, here’s something that might help. Imagine mailng your customers a really appreciated unique print piece to prompt:

"How clever and thoughtful of them”

"I see where their new place is now”

"This will be great to keep in my car"

Here’s the deal...

Offering an informational gift becomes proactive customer service for your patrons. 

This builds trust and loyalty; and, if you wanted to, you could also give this word-of-mouth tool out at your current location, prior to, as well as, after your move.

Now I understand, as a business owner myself, what it feels like to try and spot all the inherent risks while steering into unkown waters.

All I’m saying, is to take a look at all the communication options, well before you are in the throes of your move.

Here’s what I suggest ...

In a short call, if you wish, we can discuss your client communication plan for your upcoming relocation. If a directmailing makes sense; then you can decide if a relocation guide is a piece of collateral to help build your brand.

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